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  • The German Bongacams Live Sex Cams are completely free.
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How do Bongacams german cams work?

How Bongacams german cams works is incredibly simple. All you have to do is choose a Bongacams Live Sex Cam and click on it, you are already in the chat and can admire the uncensored sex cam.

Registration is not necessary, nor is age verification or entering payment data. If you don't like the cam, just click back and choose the next one.

Bongacams offers the following categories in German.

The German sex cams on Bongacams can be divided into 5 different main categories.

Which category you ultimately choose is of course up to you or your preferences. Logically, however, the highest number of active live sex cams is found among women and couples, since most Bongacams visitors are heterosexual men and female cam broadcasters therefore have the largest target group.

#German How do I recognize that the Bongacams are in German?

All german bongacams live sex cams have the hashtag #german in their description. You can find this directly below the cam teaser. Other hashtags such as #Anal or #Smallboobs give you information about other subcategories or services that await you in the cam.

Bonggacams, Bongakams, Bongacam, oder Bingocams!?

Bongacams ist eigentlich ziemlich einfach zu tippen. Wenn du dich schnell zu den geilen Sexcams durchklicken willst, kann sich aber trotzdem immer mal wieder ein Tippfehler einschleichen. Das hier sind die häufigsten, die bei Bongacams gemacht werden.

Bongacvams Ein V findest du nicht in unserem Namen. Aber natürlich kannst du zahlreiche versaute Sexcams bei uns entdecken.
Bongercams Das würde nur Sinn ergeben, wenn unser Chef Max Bonger hieße. Bonga steht aber nicht für einen Namen, sondern für hammergeile Erotik.
Vongacams Schon wieder dieses V! Du kannst es gar nicht erwarten, dich ganz verdorben auszutoben, oder?
Bomgacams Hier ist ein M zu viel, dafür aber ein N zu wenig. Versuche es gleich noch einmal!
Bonggacams Und ist es egal, ob du im Sexchat eine Bong rauchst. Bongcams hat damit allerdings nichts zu tun.
Bongakams Wir haben Bongacams gerne für dich eingedeutscht, damit du den Sexchat auch in deiner eigenen Sprache genießen kannst. Beim Namen bleiben wir aber gerne bei der englischen Schreibweise.
Bngacams Wo ist denn nur unser O geblieben? Das wird dir sicher auch im Sexchat manches mal zu entlocken sein. Hier solltest du es aber keinesfalls vergessen.
Bonacams Ganz klar, unsere Sexcams sind „bon“ (oder heißt es bien?). In der Adresszeile bleiben wir aber beim Bonga, okay?
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Nongacams Hier ist aber ein krasser Fehler passiert! „Non“ in Verbindung mit „Cams“ passt überhaupt nicht zu uns. Beim nächsten Versuch klappt es besser mit den Bongacams!
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Bingocams Bongacams ist keine Glückssache, sondern immer ein gewinn. Darum haben wir mit Bingo auch gar nichts am Hut.

Wir wollen es dir einfach machen und sorgen dafür, dass Bongacams über Google und andere Suchmaschinen auch dann zu finden ist, wenn sich bei dir ein Tippfehler eingeschlichen hat. Natürlich landest du in jedem Fall auf der echten, deutschsprachigen Seite von Bongacams. Am besten ist es aber, du prägst dir die Schreibweise gleich richtig ein – oder speicherst uns als Lesezeichen in deinem Browser.

Why can I still register with Bongacams?

Bongacams in German is and will remain in the basic version free for you , I promise. However, the models do a great job for you and are happy about a tip. In particular, of course, when they focus on you in their hot game and fulfill your wishes.

However, on the webcam site Bongacams you do not pay the Camgirls and Camboys directly in euros. Bongacams has created its own currency called Bongacams Tokens. You can buy these for a few euros and use them to reward the models.

To register, all you have to do is click on the registration button. Then you enter a valid email address and a member name. Then all you have to do is confirm the email you received and you are already part of the German Bongacams community.

This is how the Bongacams registration works

  • Click on this image left and you will get to the German Bongacams.
  • Click Register in the top right.
  • A window will open, fill in the fields.
  • You will receive an email. Confirm your registration via the link in the email.
  • Done, you are now logged into Bongacams.

This is how much Bongacams tokens cost

Bongacams is one of the cheapest (and alternatively even free to use) cam sex offers on the World Wide Web!

Token count Token count Price per token Price per token
18 Bongacans tokens €0.11
60 Bongacams tokens €0.08
140-370 Bongacams tokens €0.07
≥ 800 Bongacams Tokens €0.06

So you can decide for yourself how much money you want to spend on Bongacams in German. This gives you full cost control.

Bongacams Premium Membership

For the real Bongacams fans, the Camsexportal also offers the option of a premium membership for less than €20 per month. As part of the membership you will enjoy the following benefits, among others.

  • 200 Bongacams Tokens on Top!
  • No Ads.
  • Private sex chat.
  • Anonymous Tips.

More FAQ about Bongacams

Do you still have any questions? Then you can probably find the answers in the FAQ. Otherwise you are welcome to contact us and we will reach you as soon as possible.

What is Bongacams?

Bongacams is better than porn. Because here it is live in front of the camera. You can watch girls, guys, couples and trannies having fun on cam. Best of all, access is free for you. And since Bongacams is in German, you can get straight into the conversation without any language barriers.

What technology do I need for Bongacams?

If you want to view the live cams smoothly, you need a computer, tablet or smartphone with sufficiently fast internet access. If you want to chat C2C or even show your own sex show at Bongacams, you also need a webcam and a good microphone. You can buy this technology today for little money in electronics stores.

Do the Camgirls know who I am?

No. The models only read the pseudonym you have chosen. You can call yourself Jasmine or "hard Hengst" or you can come up with another nickname. The models can only hear and see you if you expressly want this and if you activate the functions.

What similar sites like Bongacams are there?

Sex cams have not only been a very hot topic since the Corona pandemic. In the meantime you will find a lot of providers. However, only a few are in German. Most sites with live sex cams are expensive and the protection of your personal data is not always the case. At Bongacams you are on the right page in every respect.

Is Bongacams safe?

Sure. We only need a valid e-mail address from you so that we can assign you and bill you for the tokens. If you just want to watch but don't want to participate, you can even remain completely anonymous. We don't want to know who you are, where you live and who you share your bedroom bed with. So Bongacams does not pass on any data to third parties. Firmly promised!

How much does Bongacams cost?

Even if it's hard to believe: You can join Bongacams for free. So you can watch the cam girls go about their horny activities without any money and you can also participate in the chat. You only have to shell out some tokens if you want a private cam chat and want to decide what is offered in front of the sex cam. Depending on how many tokens you buy, you can get them very cheaply.

How many sex webcams are online at the same time?

It all depends on what day and what time you want sex chatting. You can always find Camgirls in quite large numbers at Bongacams. Men, couples and trannies are online more often in the evenings and on weekends than in the mornings of workdays.

Is Bongacams only available in English and German?

You can find Bongacams in German and in English. There are also Bongacams in Spanish. So if you want to brush up your language skills before your vacation, Bongacams offers you a damn awesome way to get there.

How does C2C work on Bongacams?

Not only can you access the webcams for free, but you can also participate in the chat free of charge. For a private chat you need the consent of the camgirl or couple, guy or tranny. It's best to ask nicely about the tariff, then push your tokens over and you're already in the middle of the live chat. Then the other users of Bongacams are left out for this camera.

Who are the models at Bongacams?

At Bongacams you don't see professionals, but hot amateurs. So these are girls or women, guys, couples and trannies who have as much fun masturbating or fucking as you do. Of course, they are also happy if they can earn pocket money at Bongacams on the side. It's perfectly legitimate too, isn't it?

Can Bongacams models also be booked for a real fuck?

Bongacams is about awesome sexcams that you will have a damn lot of fun with. The models are also registered here for this reason. Of course, camgirls and camboys as well as couples and trannies are free to meet someone outside of the sexcam. But most of them don't want that. Therefore, it is expressly undesirable to attack the models in this regard. We endeavor to prevent such behavior in general. Because at Bongacams everyone should feel 100% comfortable.

How much do you make on Bongacams?

Bongacams is not just a site where you can admire horny live sex cams. Maybe you like to show yourself and you are sure that other people like to watch how you fuck or masturbate? Then you've come to the right place at Bongacams. If you are often online and the viewers are enthusiastic about your show, you can earn several thousand euros a month. But keep in mind that you have to pay tax on this income. Bongacams is more than just a hobby for you.

How can you interact with the models on Bongacams?

The technical equipment of the models makes it possible for you to be there in different ways. You can either write in the chat or thanks to the headset or microphone and loudspeakers, you can also talk to the girls, boys, couples and trannies. In this way, the experience becomes as close as if you were there yourself.